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Each RIMOWA suitcase tells a story. They are a record of a unique personal journey, a trusted companion that is made by our hands but defined by those they travel with.
Designed and engineered in Germany, our suitcases have been a record of our own journey. For the past 120 years, they have symbolised the archetypal suitcase, drawing a perfect balance between luxury and utility, form and function, craftsmanship and modern technology. Since the introduction of the original aluminium suitcase in 1937, RIMOWA has become synonymous with the iconic grooves that adorn each of our cases. This grooved pattern, derived from the aluminium used for the first commercial aircraft, has become our hallmark. It is also a hallmark of our purpose-driven customers. When a grooved RIMOWA suitcase is seen crisscrossing an airport concourse or travelling along a train platform, it signifies a considered, thoughtful approach to travel.
This unique process, in which craftsmanship and heritage coexist immaculately with innovation, has held our suitcases to the highest of standards. They have become a symbol of quality, one that is recognised by our customers – both at home and in around 65 countries around the globe.
Store Locations:
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Mall, Level 1, Tel: +971 2 650 8221
Jashanmal, The Dubai Mall, Star Atrium, Level 1, Tel: +971 4 3253808
Jashanmal, Mall of the Emirates, Level 1, Tel: +971 4 3850139
Jashanmal, Festival City Mall, Dubai Festival City, Level 1, Tel: +971 4 2329023
Jashanmal Fashion store Dubai Marina Mall, Ground Floor, +971 4 39280
Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall , Level 2
Galeries Lafayette , Dubai Mall Level 1
Jashanmal Department Store , First Level, Homoud Tower, Tel: +965 2 2420071
Jashanmal Department Store , Ground Floor, Al Alali Shopping Complex, Tel: +973 1 7582424