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OCS is a worldwide courier and logistics shipping network of more than 250 proprietary offices and substations. OCS (Overseas Courier Service) Worldwide was founded in 1957 by a consortium of major newspaper publishers in Tokyo, as a global, overnight delivery system for time-sensitive business publications.

Head office and Hub strategically placed near Heathrow Airport, in addition to this major OCS Worldwide corporate office in New York, Tokyo, and London anchor one of the most experienced and extensive international delivery systems in the world. This OCS network links every business capital, on every continent, capable of delivering parcel and documents to nearly 200 countries.

Overseas Courier Service Dubai established in 1991 as joint venture between OCS ANA Group Tokyo, Japan and Jashanmal National Company Dubai. OCS Dubai is acting as hub for all middle-east stations to cater the express services needs of customers in this region.

OCS Worldwide delivers solutions tailored to all business sectors.

-Domestic and International Express Delivery Services (B2B & B2C).
-Overseas Post and Mail Fulfilment.
-International Ecommerce Delivery. (Prepaid)
-Exhibition Logistics.


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