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Piquadro is an Italian leather brand of tech-design accessories for business travellers.
In all Piquadro products the three distinctive values inspiring the brand - design, functionality and technological innovation - combine with the flavour of Italian handicraft working, the quality of first-class hides and care for detail.
In every collection Piquadro proposes a wide range of cutting-edge professional leather goods where the originality and elegance of the Italian style combine with calculated practicality and reliability for business, travel and the intense pace of contemporary life.
The hides, exclusively Italian, derive mainly from the Tuscan tanning district, the ancient tradition of which makes it the best known and most prestigious in the world. Combined with last generation technological fabrics, they create products with a recognizable but simple aesthetic in classic colours as well as unprecedented shades. Piquadro has its head offices halfway between Florence and Bologna and sells its products in over 50 countries worldwide through a widespread distribution network including about a hundred single-brand stores.
Piquadro products are available at: