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Doodle Collection - Get to know us!
Elegant, fun and chic! That’s what we are all about.Doodle diaries are a unique combination of functionality and design.From personal use to office use, our colourful, fun and fashion-forward, range of Doodle diaries and notebooks are made to inspire you to write. Travelers, writer, music aficionado or fashionistas, we have the perfect diary that fits your persona.Explore, play and join the journey that makes writing fun!
Doodle Connect: B2B Collection
There’s absolutely no need to carry dull and dreary diaries around, when there’s a colourful and creative alternative - Doodle Connect!
We hold in high regard the very reason to own and carry stationery that speaks for itself and exudes the very essence of your company. At Doodle Connect, we partner with organisations, to best represent their culture, character and charisma! The title we hold with pride is being India’s most premium corporate gifting company which specialises in personalised diaries of every colour and texture, custom-made to define your culture.
Our work spans across industries, comprising of reputed companies in the FMCG, automobile, education, media and entertainment, banking, pharmaceutical, hospitality and travel sectors.
Express offers a range of diaries to be customised to your taste and fit to your need, in quantities of your choice! Such flexibility makes gifting so much more a pleasure.
Our biggest advantage remains to be the turnaround time being as small as 5 days and minimum order quantity of 50 units. This will prove to be a boon when time is scarce and quantities required are few.
Crafted for the connoisseur.
Luxe believes in catering to your design sensibilities with a luxurious solution. Driving this creative journey are our experts and skilled innovators who believe in exploring new frontiers and deliver the best to you. Armed with knowledge and expertise in product development and a gamut of design, printing, material handling and finishing techniques, Luxe aspires to make customising your diary a memorable experience worth cherishing.