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One hundred and thirty years ago, Bertazzoni, the family-owned company that manufactures ranges, ovens, cooktops and ventilation systems, laid the foundation for capturing the hearts of passionate home chefs all over Italy. Today, Bertazzoni the oldest family owned appliance manufacturing company in the world that continues to bring the rich food culture of the Emilia Romagna region to kitchens on all five continents.
"Over the past 13 decades, we have focused on understanding what is happening in homes around the world in an effort to translate those lifestyle demands into precisely engineered and beautifully crafted products," said Paolo Bertazzoni, president and fifth generation chief executive officer of Bertazzoni. "It's also very important to our brand that culinary Italian identity, which is based so heavily on tradition, remains an anchor in the rapidly evolving product development process. I'm enormously proud of what we've accomplished and even more excited about what's to come for the Bertazzoni brand."
The Evolution of Bertazzoni
A pioneer of the industrial age, Francesco Bertazzoni began laying the foundation of his family's entrepreneurial engineering spirit in 1882. He crafted innovative wood burning stoves taking inspiration from the stoves he saw being delivered to his hometown of Guastalla, Italy on the new railroad that connected Italy to the industrial centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
As time went on, Bertazzoni stayed true to its focus on engineering, design, and the epicurean roots of the region, building the first factory in 1909, embracing the discovery of oil and gas in the Po River Basin in the 1950s, and distributing its products home owners in Europe and Asia in the 1970s. In 2005, Bertazzoni began selling in the North American market with the introduction of the Bertazzoni Professional Series, available in a rainbow of eight colors of Italy and specifically developed to meet needs and aspirations of the American home. Since debuting in the North American market seven years ago, the company has launched a total of four product lines: Professional Series, Master Series, Heritage Series, and most recently, the Built-In Line.
Jashanmal is the sole distributor of Bertazzoni in GCC.
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