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About Us

Jashanmal Group's retail operations span over 150 stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and India. 


Since 1919, Jashanmal has been a household name and a reliable partner for international fashion, footwear, home appliances, travel gear and publishing companies seeking to do business in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.


The group's retail operations span over 150 stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, and India. Our distribution network extends to more than 1,000 outlets.


In 2019, Jashanmal relaunched its brand and integrated in-store technology to create a better and seamless customer experience. Aside from revamping the retail website, Jashanmal reopened one of its stores replete with tablets and touch screens for an elevated and immersive digital experience. Sales associates and customers alike are now able to access product catalogues online and in-store.


Supported by a proprietary logistics network that manages freight-forwarding, warehousing, regional and international supply chains, the group is an equity partner in a number of regional joint ventures and actively seeks partnerships with firms looking for market-entry into the areas it operates in.

Vast distribution operations of over 1,000 points of sale with products ranging from luggage to home appliances, corporate gifts, perfumes and cosmetics to consumer electronics and print media. Key clients include business groups, Duty Free operators, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and department stores.


Jashanmal is headquartered in Dubai with offices in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India.

Jashanmal Head Office

Group President's Message

Tony Jashanmal

"In 1919 my grandfather, Rao Sahib Jashanmal, founded the business with a single general store in Basra, Iraq to service clients working in the burgeoning oil industry. The expansion of the oil industry across the GCC drove our own growth and by the 1960s we were present in all the markets that we operate in today.
100 years on we are closely working with international business partners in the premium and luxury sectors to help build brands in the GCC region through our own retail operations and our extensive distribution and wholesale network. Our long-term partnerships with brands indicate our commitment to developing and implementing strategies that are mutually beneficial.
We have embarked on an expansion and refurbishment plan of our department stores and bookstores that incorporate the latest retail innovations. Our distribution business continues to be updated in conjunction with key retail partners in the region.
I thank our valuable clients for entrusting their faith and confidence in us and am looking forward to their continuous support to keep "Moving Ahead".


Tony Jashanmal, Group President


Group CEO's Message

Khaled Soliman

It gives me great pleasure to be part of a family conglomerate that has stood the test of the time in its 100 years of existence and remains one of the regions market leaders in distribution, department stores and fashion retail business. Jashanmal has been a household name in the GCC and a trusted partner for most of its brands for many decades.


Today the group stands at a cusp of expansion and innovation and we all have exciting times ahead of us. We all are well-aware we live in a data-driven world that requires digital dexterity and customer-first innovation, changing the status quo and an entire culture to prioritize long-term digital transformation is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube on a rollercoaster.

As Charles Darwin has said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”. My vision is to work towards transforming the company to be compatible in an increasingly digital environment, all the while ensuring that our valuable customers continue getting the best possible in-store shopping experience. This means developing and implementing the necessary strategies required to innovate from the inside and roll out fully immersive, technology driven retail spaces.


At the heart of our new value creation strategy is our innovative Philosophy of transforming relationships into partnerships. We remain grateful to our partner brands and customers for their loyalty and ongoing support. They remain at the heart of our journey and together we look forward to forging ahead and achieving new milestones.



Khaled Soliman, Group CEO


Jashanmal Group

As the first department store chain in the Middle East, Jashanmal Group has begun an exciting new chapter after 100 years of unrivalled expertise. 


Our customers and the valued relationships we have with them, are at the very heart of the decisions we make as a business. The dedication to curating quality products and experiences that are unique but relevant for everyone, is in our lifeblood – we call it ‘passion with purpose’. It means that we have a genuine passion for  sourcing and curation of high-quality products for our customers, right down to the last detail, carrying this through to the after sales service.


In addition to the extensive collection of international premium brands we partner with, we continue to build our portfolio of exclusive labels that reflect anticipated trends and echo our ethos – helping to ensure we remain incomparable as a retail destination. 


We care about how our customers live as much as for the products they live with; we care about the stories the products tell and the stories of how our customers live with the products we help them choose.

Rao Saheb Jashanmal Jhangiani opened the first Jashanmal store in Basra Iraq



Steps into Kuwait to expand through the GCC on the path of oil discovery, by establishing contemporary stores

Enters Bahrain and today the presence spans both Jashanmal and franchisee stores



High-end retail came to Dubai with its first store in Deira

Marks a beginning in Abu Dhabi



First foray into India to spread the network wider market branded consumer goods

Celebrates 100 years of success in the retail business. Jashanmal unveils a new concept store - catering to digital-savvy shopper

Jashanmal store revamps its online platform



Jashanmal launches its e-commerce platforms in UAE 

Jashanmal Group revamp its corporate website

The opening of our first flagship store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Dhahran.



Our entry into Oman is marked by the launch of our department store in Mall
of Oman

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