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Rubberband features honest, innovative, joyful, functional objects, made to suit the ways of urban living in the 21st century and find a place in your daily life. Within the existing framework of archetype objects we strive to explore a language of simplicity, thoughtfulness, intuitive functionality and a naturally progressed formal language.
Rubberband stands for good design in everything it does.

Rubberband helps you express your brand

Through a language of visual simplicity, intuitive functionality and attention to detail and quality, we work with organisations and businesses to offer unique branding solutions and exemplify company values. Our product collection is fresh, crisp and cheerful, and simplify your year-round business communication projects.
We translate this through a collection of products ranging from notebooks, notepads and memo blocks to planners, journals, desktop organisers and document carriers. There are several methods of personalising the collection. Through a selection of book cover materials, paper colour, branding techniques, finishing options, we can customise products for specific events, programs, conferences and initiatives.