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Large Home Appliances
Washing Machines
One of the unique feature of Kenwood Front Loading Washing Machine is "Twin Jet System". This system enables the machine to get water from 2 inlets which increase the flow & thereby improve rinsing efficiency which results in better wash performance. The diversified water flow also reduces the water and energy consumption.
While the Multi flow cooling system in Kenwood refrigerators increase the cooling efficiency, well designed twin crispers with humidity controller keeps food fresh along with aroma for a longer duration.
Kenwood dishwashers come with a unique "Turbo Drying Option" which dries the utensils thoroughly at a turbo speed. This will make the utensils to sparkle without any stains.
Soon to be added are Cooking Ranges and Chest Freezers to complete the range.
For any enquiries, please contact Alex Mathews 050 -7950178 or contact us here
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